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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Everett is TWO

 My boo boo is 2!  We survived two whole years. ;)  He is definitely a handful- all boy mixed with a bit of drama queen.  But he is also so loving and constantly giving kisses and saying, "hi mama" or "hi dada" in his cute little coy voice.

He has been a daddy's boy since he was born...often wanting nothing to do with me!  But like Ella around 2, he is starting to really want mama.  He also adores grandpa and always wants to in grandpa's man cave with him.

He loves trucks, buses and trains in real life and in books, but as for toys, he is all tools, all the time.  He is completely obsessed with measuring tapes, he screams when we leave the new house because he could watch the guys working all day long, and he received a toy jack hammer for this birthday, which he won't put down.  We're pretty sure he's going to be a contractor one day!

He's still not a big talker (more of a big crier!), but he understands everything and will pretty much repeat any word you say.  His favorite word is "mine" followed by "truck" and "bus".

Unlike most younger siblings who are obsessed with their older siblings, he would rather his sister just leave him alone!  She is the one obsessed with him.  Although he doesn't say it, I'm pretty sure if he could, he'd constantly be saying, "Get away from me!  Leave me alone!  Stop touching me!"  He does love her to death though, and watching them together...playing, hugging, watching out for each the absolute greatest joy in my life.  I relish every moment like that since it always eventually turns to one hitting while the other screams. ;)

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