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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rough Two Weeks

Gary went to Canada for 2 weeks for work, so I've been in major survival mode!  It definitely has NOT been easy, but at least I had my mom to help out a lot and some friends take me in for playdate dinners or come over to keep me entertained because I would seriously not survive without that!

I did get out briefly one night for a party with my work peeps after a conference, and it was HEAVEN! 

I also had a telephonic deposition one day that I did at my mom's house while she watched the kids, so I got to work outside in the beautiful weather with this view...

The big excitement was when my mom found this in my dad's office (where I had just been walking around barefoot)...have you ever seen anything so disgusting??!!  It was HUGE!

And finally, my conversation with Ella tonight...we were looking through a magazine together, and there was a page with a bunch of celebrity babies on it...

Ella: Aww, aren't they so cute mama?  Do you want to buy them?
Me: Where can you buy a baby?
Ella: Target.

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